Our goal is to be a breeding ground of creative ideas that help transform the brands and companies of our clients.

Quali is a company dedicated in providing solutions, talent, and strategies for planning and marketing, with the purpose of improving our client’s positioning in their market and increasing their sales. We work on each project from the design phase to the implementation of the strategy, this to ensure the projected results are met.

Quali was founded under the belief that simple values such as responsibility, empathy, and the need to fully understand our client’s needs are important to achieve a lasting professional relationship. Some of our clients have stated that “it’s very easy to work with the team at Quali, that sometimes it seems as if they’re actually part of our team”, reason for which our relationships are long-lasting.

Trying to keep up to date with what is happening on our planet, and the current challenges that we are facing with climate change, Quali has started an initiative called “Take only memories, leave only footprints”, whose purpose is to educate and teach our communities about the importance of taking care of nature and our environment, with small and easy actions such as leaving natural spaces how we find them.

Hoping to help you and your company grow, welcome to Quali.

– Karina Lopez

Karina Lopez

Our founder and CEO

Se graduó del Tec de Monterrey y luego de trabajar un par de años en esta institución, tuvo la oportunidad de iniciar Quali en el año de 1989 y desde entonces se ha desempeñado como directora de la firma. Además de la planeación estratégica, mercadotecnia y ventas y la oferta  integral de la firma, ha desarrollado amplia experiencia en comunicación y relaciones públicas.

In 2021 she graduated from the LEAD Program from Stanford. Combining this with her experience in consulting, have helped her to focus on mentoring teams and executives that are starting a new company, working on increasing their sales or improving the results of their marketing and sales teams.

Her knowledge and experience in the industry include but are not limited to: the service industry (education, health, and sports), retail, consumer goods and digital products. She has the proven capacity to créate, inspire and lead high-performance teams that work collectively and achieve results in complex and changing environments.

Her services are focused on business planning for potential or existing businesses, positioning of a company, creating or strengthening brand value, improving marketing strategies and business processes, sales and discovering commercial opportunities, from idea to implementation.

In her spare time, she enjoys reading, traveling, hiking and spending time outdoors.

You can learn more about her and her work through her website and social media:

Our values


Permanentemente exploramos, analizamos y estudiamos nuevas tendencias, comportamientos y tecnologías para incorporar el conocimiento en nuestro trabajo diario.


Promovemos y ofrecemos un servicio de calidad en los proyectos que realizamos sin excepción para procurar un nivel de satisfacción óptimo por parte de nuestros clientes.

Espíritu del trabajo en equipo

Colaboramos entre todos a lograr objetivos compartidos para dar prioridad al éxito del grupo.


Mantenemos la lealtad a las normas y políticas de Quali, incluyendo la confidencialidad de información de nuestros clientes.

Puntualidad y orden

Promovemos la productividad y la coordinación de tareas, así como el trabajo estructurado.

Flexibilidad laboral

Promovemos la flexibilidad laboral y el trabajo a distancia para mantener la satisfacción de nuestros colaboradores y retener el talento.

Impacto Social y Sostenibilidad

Promovemos la sostenibilidad de los recursos y desarrollamos proyectos de impacto social para concientizar y educar a la comunidad sobre la importancia del cuidado de la naturaleza.

Let's work together!